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Ibán García del Blanco, European artificial intelligence law negotiator: ‘We made them sit up and take notice’

Silvia Ayuso

10 ene 2024

The Spaniard participated in the final negotiations of the European Union’s pioneering AI Law that will regulate these new technologies

Ibán García del Blanco can already say that he has made history in Europe. The member of the European Parliament was the only Spaniard who participated in the marathon closed-door negotiations in December, which, at almost 37 hours, were the longest of this type of meeting in the history of the EU, and allowed the world’s first complete artificial intelligence law to be agreed. It is a regulation that seeks above all to ensure that foundational models of generative artificial intelligence (AI) that may pose a systemic risk do not violate fundamental rights. It was worth the effort. “It was now or never,” he emphasizes in an interview with EL PAÍS in Brussels, where the final wording of the law is now being overseen. It must be ready and translated into the 24 official languages of the EU in the coming weeks so that the European Parliament and member states can ratify it before the legislative body is dissolved ahead of the European elections in June.


Ayuso, S. (2024, 10 enero). Ibán García del Blanco, European Artificial Intelligence law negotiator: ‘We made them sit up and take notice’. EL PAÍS English.

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